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We only install the TaxiLive on Toyota Camry Hybrid taxis.


About Cab Digital Media


About Cab Digital Media

About Us
Roadside Safety
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Cab Digital Media is a 100% Australian owned and operated start-up company.

We have spent 3 years perfecting the TaxiLive with the goal of creating the smartest and most versatile out of home platform in Australia.

With TaxiLive we believe we have achieved our vision and we want to share this with you.

Cab Digital Media's number one priority is the safety of Australian drivers.

Images on the TaxiBack will never transition or change whilst a vehicle is in motion.

Images will only transition when a vehicle is not in motion and in parked mode.

The TaxiBack will also generate invaluable vehicle and roadside data. This data can contribute to future transport, infrastructure and congestion reduction initiatives.

Built in GPS

4G Mobile Internet Access

IP 66 Rating

32" Screen

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Cab Television Pty Ltd trading as Cab Digital Media
ABN: 84 168 637 358